The health and safety of my clients are my primary concern. I have implemented the following precautions to keep you safe.

Wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

*Our massage association has recommended therapists wear a procedure mask (medical grade but not the N95’s) during all interactions with clients. A new mask will be worn and changed between clients.

*A cloth apron to cover scrubs will be donned, to prevent any contamination, and will be changed between clients.

*When the client is lying face forward, the therapist will be wearing fully sealed goggles.

*Hand washing and sanitizing protocols will be in place while donning and doffing PPE.   Hand sanitizing during the massage will take place as needed.

Cleaning Protocols:
*Deep cleaning and sanitizing with recommended products such as Lysol or Bleach solutions will be done each evening on all multi touch surfaces.  A special disinfectant solution will be applied to vinyl and soft surfaces.  These products are approved on the Government of Canada List of Disinfectants.

*Cleaning of all multi touch surfaces, as well as the massage table, face rest, and pillows will be done between each clients.

Client safety recommendations:
*It is strongly recommended that clients wear a mask.  One will be provided if you do not have your own.

*Hand sanitizer bottles are located in several places for client use: at the entrance, in the waiting area, in the bathroom, in the massage room.  Please use freely.

*It is recommended that clients wait outside or in their vehicles until full cleaning has occurred between treatments.  Also, if someone has accompanied the client, they should wait in their vehicles.

*When not in the massage room and receiving treatment, distancing measures should be followed, and there will be indicators on the floor for appropriate 2 meter distancing.

*The couch and outdoor swing will no longer be accessable while these health measures are in place, due to the fabrics being hard to clean and disinfect. A chair has been set up in the waiting area if clients need to sit down.

*Payments for costs that are not covered by insurance would be best done via eTransfer.  Cash and cheques will still be accepted, and placed in a special container on the coffee table.

*Receipts will continue to be issued, and emailed to clients.  If you need a paper receipt, please let me know.

Covid-19 Waiver

Clients will be asked to fill in the following Covid-19 waiver prior to each massage, as an added screening procedure.  This is a fillable PDF.  You can download it below, fill in and email to: 

Download covid-19-waiver-fillable.pdf

Mask Protection


Hand Washing Protocol


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