I have referred several of my clients to Dr. Vera's practice for her unique, gentle and safe alignment technique called “Torque Release Technique” or TRT. All of my clients who have seen her for chiropractic have had amazing improvements with their physical issues. They have enjoyed significantly better results than with other traditional chiropractic adjustments previously tried.

I have had low back issues that have been a problem for over 30 years. After 2 chiropractic treatments with Dr. Vera, I am now pain free and see her once a month for maintenance.

Dr. Vera has been in practice since 2002, and her insights and experience are invaluable. A link to her website appears below. I encourage you to call her office and experience for yourself how this treatment can enhance your well-being.

People who are afraid of neck cracking can rest assured that there is no spine cracking or neck twisting involved.

If you have a regular chiropractor, or have never had chiropractic, I would encourage you to at least try Dr. Vera’s treatment a few times, to experience something different, which might even be more effective than the treatments you currently experience. Her adjustments are longer lasting, as there is attention paid to the muscle origins and insertions as well as the alignment of the spine.

Regular chiropractic alignments are a good addition to your self-care routine, along with monthly massage treatments. Don’t wait until you are hurt or strained. Regular maintenance with chiropractic and massage is proven to decrease pain and stress levels, resulting in an increased sense of well-being and relaxation. If you have insurance benefits, most of them reset at the beginning of the year. Direct billing is accepted. Use your benefits for your health care enhancements.
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If you have suffered an injury from sport, a motor vehicle accident, or muscular trauma from daily activity, you may need the attention of a physiotherapist.  I refer my clients to Renew Physiotherapy.  Matt Cairns, Mike Ellis and Alan Tam have a caring, professional, patient-centered approach, which allows them to spend the entire treatment time with you, focusing exclusively on your needs and care.

I have received treatment myself from Matt Cairns, and have referred clients to Mike Ellis and Alan Tam.  I have benefited from their service, as have the clients who have seen them in their new professional space in West Edmonton.

Physical therapy can work well in conjunction with massage therapy, to assist in your healing and returning to your active life.
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