Most clients who seek out massage have a variety of muscular aches and pains.  Therapeutic work will restore range of motion and release the “knots” or trigger points from muscle spasms, tightness or injuries.  Most massage sessions tend to be a mixture of therapeutic and relaxation.

Doing back massage

therapeutic massage

soft tissue release

Soft Tissue Release is an active form of working the muscle tissue.  Areas that have chronic tension, scar tissue or habitual postural difficulties will benefit from this deep release. 

Soft Tissue Release on upper back

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage
Massage is safe for all trimesters of pregnancy . As the expectant mother’s body goes through numerous changes, pre and post natal massage can be an important source of assistance, reducing muscle tension in key areas.  It can provide relief for backaches and  weight-bearing joints.  A light and gentle tummy   massage  is   soothing  for  both mom and baby.  Receiving massage prior to delivery helps the mom be more aware of where she holds areas of tension.  Massage in the weeks and months after delivery is also highly beneficial to sooth  achy upper back and neck muscles from breast feeding postures and carrying the new little one.
Lymphatic drainage on leg

lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a light and gentle form of body work used to alleviate swelling and water retention in the tissues. Anyone can benefit. As well, it can relieve leg and ankle edema  during the last trimester of pregnancy.

egyptian reflexology

Foot Reflexology

craniosacral therapy


CranioSacral Therapy is gentle and non-invasive (clients remain fully clothed). It relieves such conditions as headaches, back and neck pain, various injuries or traumas.  Through a light touch, the body is assisted to release stress-related restrictions. 


Reiki is a Japanese word that means “energy”.  It helps to rebalance the body’s energy, through the application of  specific hand positions.  The client often reaches a deep state of relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief.

This is a very soothing method of working with the feet and hands, by treating specific reflex areas which relate to the organs and systems of the whole body.  As reflex points and nerve endings are stimulated, stress and pain may be relieved, circulation improved, body and organ functions restored.

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