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Parents can learn how to massage their babies in this fun 4 week class.  Once a week, for about an hour each time, strokes are learned for a different part of the body.  While a very simple massage can be done on a young infant, a more complete and detailed massage is better  suited to a baby starting at around 3 months of age and up.  When baby starts crawling or walking, it can be challenging to get them to lie still long enough to do a massage, so 3 to 7 months of age is the best time to start.    Group or individual classes are available and include oil and training manual.


Infant Massage Classes

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Labour Support Skills

for You and Your Partner

This 90 minute class will have you practicing various birthing positions, and how your partner can assist you through the stages of labour.  This approach is from a massage perspective, and includes some basic massage techniques that can be helpful during labour. Included are tips on how to protect your back  while offering support.  After this fully experiential class, you will feel more confident assisting the birthing process.  This is a valuable addition to pre-natal classes.

Advanced Birth Support Skills

In this 2 hour class, learn practical exercises to assist you in birthing.  You will better understand the pelvic bone and muscle structure, and apply specific stretches and exercises to relax and open the pelvic outlet.  Learn an easy and safe abdominal technique to assist with pushing during labour.

Post-Natal Abdominal Reconditioning

These gentle and gradual exercises assist in toning and strengthening the abs after birth or caesarian birth.  This is a 1 hour class, designed to be supportive of the post-natal recovery process and restore your core muscles to functional postural integrity.  Learn how to safely progress through increasingly challenging levels of core stablility. 

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Looking for other classes for you and your baby?  Check out the “Resources” page for more ideas!

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     cry less

        fall asleep faster

            greater weight gain

                healthier digestion

                    better sociability

                       increased attentiveness

                           superior motor control

                                  ... and much more!