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The length of treatments is determined by where on the body the laser will need to be placed.  Areas that are deeper in the body, like a back or hip, will require more time than an arm or hand where the location to be treated is superficial.   An assessment will better determine length of time, cost and number of sessions suggested.  Follow this link for prices

Call me at (780) 414-1245 and make an appointment for a free assessment.  You can also go to Meditech International’s website at: to read more information about laser therapy.  Meditech in Toronto is where I trained as a laser therapist.  There you will learn more in-depth information about how it works, the effects of laser therapy and conditions treated.

where can I get more information?

A series of treatments, 3 times per week is necessary to start, so that the cells build up energy.  For many conditions, around 10 treatments is average.  It depends largely on how long the condition has been there.  A recent injury heals quickly.  An old or long standing issue could take more time. How much light the cells need to absorb before noticeable changes start occurring is different for each person. 

what can laser therapy do for me?

Laser treatments are effective for many conditions.  I have treated clients with:

Special light packs or arrays are applied to an area of the body. This is followed by a laser probe. The light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by specific cellular proteins called chromophores (like chlorophyll in a plant).  An example is the mitochondria of the cell, which is the cell’s energy, maintenance and repair “department”.  Like a battery, the mitochondria gets charged with the light’s energy.  With more energy, it can heal the surrounding cell tissues much better and faster.

what are the costs?

will I feel anything during the treatment?

Most people feel nothing at all, or just a slight warmth from the light arrays, especially during longer treatments.  It doesn’t hurt (this is not a surgical laser, nothing is being cut or burned off!)  and the effect during or shortly after a session is a deep relaxation from beta-endorphins being released in the body.

Laser probe treating knee

how long before I see results?

Laser probe treating hand
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Laser array on back

how does it work?

Low Intensity Laser Therapy is healing with light.  Not just any kind of light, but very specific red and infrared frequencies that 20 or more years of clinical studies have shown interact positively with the body’s cells.

what is laser therapy?

Low Intensity Laser Therapy

“Heal Better Faster”

Laser array on knee

One client’s hearing improved after treatments for tinnitus (ringing in the ear)!  Why this assists so many different conditions is because it works at the cellular level.  Wherever there is a cell requiring a boost of energy, healing takes place.  Whatever your issue, it has an 80% or more possibility of decreasing or disappearing completely.




            bone spurs

        frozen shoulder

    plantar fasciitis

plantar warts


   knee injuries

      spinal stenosis

        cuts and bruises

           ganglion cysts

              ulcerating wounds

                trigeminal neuralgia