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My name is Jill Brighton, a practicing massage therapist in Edmonton since 1996.  I am certified, licensed and registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.  What that means for you, the client, is that I have received a diploma from a recognized massage school, I am licensed from the City of Edmonton, and my registration number from NHPC enables you to get refunded for treatment costs from your insurance provider or benefit package.

Most of my massages are therapeutic in nature, for all ages, genders, and various conditions.  I had the good fortune to become associated with Birth Choices Midwifery in 1998, and have worked on hundreds of pregnant women. I have trained as a life skills coach and worked as a co-facilitator for the Women’s Abuse group at the YWCA, in 1998-99.  This has added to my listening skills. MacEwan’s Massage Therapy program invited me to teach my pre and post natal specialty at the college from 2000 to 2004.    I added laser therapy to my practice in 2007. In 2011, I received a diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy from MH Vicars School of Massage, adding to my original certification in Therapeutic Massage.  I now have over 2800 hours of training, and over 12,000 hours of clinical experience.

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I love my work, and do it with a great deal of humour, when appropriate.  My clients attest to releasing tight muscles from the massage as well as from a good laugh.  I am serious and passionate about the human body and how miraculous its healing potential is!  

    You will find a quiet, natural and soothing environment in my clinic.   From spring to fall, you can come early and sit on my swing in the “outdoor waiting room”, and listen to the waterfall sounds from the pond.

    I look forward to serving you. Be healthy, and stretch yourself, all ways!

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Activities: skating, roller blading, bicycling, weight training, learning new stuff.

Movies:  action, drama. 

Music: jazz and pop.  Diana Krall, Carol Welsman, Anne Murray